Fevier is a scandinavian based accessories and fashion label. We design and craft products that will make a unique experience to its predecessor.
Quality and function remain the most important elements to each design. So to it appeals to a wide range of audiences.

For many years Fevrier-founder Lars Lindo was obsessed with making sure others had a great time – forgetting all about his own. 

His vision of Fevrier – A line of simple, elegant and timeless pieces of affordable luxury, remained an idea – living a solemn life in the mind of one man. For many years the clear desire to build and create Fevrier grew quiet, but ambitiously in Lars'mind. Working his way up the ladder to become a sales director at one of Scandinavia's largest travel & service companies. But always with a burning vision to create and design a brand of his own.

The result is what you are looking at. Finely crafted pieces, originated with inspiration from extensive travel and family heritage, Kjell and Louis. One grandfather from Lars' mother's side and one grandfather from his father's. Two people who still have an ominous influence and presence in Lars' life.

Kjell, a wise businessman and an educated officer from the navy. Lars’ main mentor in business. His discipline, structure and obsession with minute planning is evident not just in Fevrier´s design but also the assembly, the manufacture and the constant attention to detail.

Louis was a farmer and a craftsman. From an early age Lars was fascinated by how he could mend just about anything in the workshop. The Italian leather has a nostalgic value – from watching the most nuanced details emerging from Louis’ rugged hands. The craft of Louis is highly recognized through the artisan adorning details in the products.

At that moment FEVRIER was realized with a purpose. Carefully crafted goods for people who choose their own direction in life. A collection of reminders, that time isn’t simply to be consumed, but to be cherished.

"It's about time"