1. Equestrian lifestyle

    Equestrian lifestyle

    Paul Fielder and his life partner Tessa are very well known in the dressage world. Now they are on our list as true Fevrier ambassadors

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  2. The watchmaker

    The watchmaker

    We are so proud of the new article published on the digital design magazine

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  3. New exciting year

    New exciting year

    So far our collection has been very well received from our customers and Fevrier-friends

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  4. Men, women or multisex?

    Men, women or multisex?

    When working on our collection, we have chosen 39mm as the ideal size for a unisex watch
    Quite a few women approach us and would like a masculine watch. Is it a trend?

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  5. Through my lens

    Through my lens

    Kristian Jøraandstad is a fashion photographer and passionate entrepreneur.
    Rising from a carreer within hospitality, the passion for pictures and stories have always made an impact on Kristian

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  6. A call to action

    A call to action

    Boom! We are on. How cool is that?!

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